Can you create conditional fields to use in Dashboards?

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I wonder if anyone can help,

We've got a survey which sends out to two parts of the company "A" and "B" this information is embedded. When the respondents are completing the survey those that are "A" are not shown Q2 but those that are "B" are. They are asked to select whether they work in area "1" or "2" within B.

I want to create a bar chart where on the X-axis I could have categories "A","1" and "2". I thought I might be able to create a new conditional field called department that says

If company part = "A" then department = "A"

else if area = "1" then department = "1"

else department = "2"

Does anyone know if something like this is possible?

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @Polly7451

    You need to tag the respondent in data and analysis by creating a additional embedded data in survey flow or custom field in data analysis. For tagging the respondent, you can filter out the records and tag the respondent using edit options. Same field then can be used in dashboard for showing the data.