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New Mobile App SDK - Add Intercepts to your Mobile Apps!

KatharineS Seattle, WACommunity Administrator, Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Administrator
edited June 2018 in Featured Product Updates

Undoubtedly many of our Site Intercept - ahem, sorry - Website / App Feedback customers have heard about this exciting new feature, but I'd like to officially announce it!

For mobile app developers, we now have the Mobile App Feedback project! This feature allows you to embed a pop over right inside your mobile app. Now you can link your app users to feedback surveys, advertise cool new features to them, or even just leave a quick message you want everyone to know!

The project you build right in the Qualtrics platform is based on a clean, user-friendly design that will appeal to your customers and fit on mobile screens of all sizes. In addition, the Software Developer's Kit (SDK), where you integrate the Mobile App Feedback project with your app, allows you to customize so much more!

The Mobile App SDK is not included in a standard Site Intercept/Website Feedback license. If you're interested, contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Representative about gaining access to this feature!