Google Sheets and Qualtrics

Kevin123 UtahCommunity Member Qubie ✭

Hello everyone!

I have to populate a survey that has teachers and teams in 86 schools. These teachers and teams will be in a drill down sequence in Qualtrics. Schoo<Team<Teacher. The teachers and teams will change often in the schools and I would rather not update every survey as they change. I am wondering if I could connect Qualtrics to a google sheet that is shared with each school, then a person at each school could be in charge of keeping their sheet updated.

Is it possible to dynamically populate a drop-down question in a Qualtrics survey based on what is on a Google Sheet?


  • YASH1T
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    @Kevin123 , Before going into more technical integration, have you already tried using "Autocomplete with Supplemental Data"?. It might help at some extend...

    If not, custom integration or Use of JS is possible to read google sheet within your Qualtrics Survey.

  • Kevin123
    Kevin123 UtahCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    I have not tried Auto Complete with Supplemental Data! I am trying to find where I can learn more about that. Any ideas?