visually displaying mean scores to participants at the end of study

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I am building a simple personality questionnaire that consists of 25 items and 5 subscales. I would like to display to the participants their mean scores for each subscale at the end of the survey. I can do it numerically using category scoring and the following code I found out:

Self-awareness: ${gr://SC_0OLqsHMjde5VwAR/WeightedMean}

Positivity: ${gr://SC_bNoT2aBpR4AZ7dr/WeightedMean}

Self-control : ${gr://SC_8JvG4HejRe07gVv/WeightedMean}

Adaptability: ${gr://SC_eFCuuAElgh6pizX/WeightedMean}

Empathy: ${gr://SC_5tkBrlTyxK6vlbf/WeightedMean}

However, I have been looking for a way to display the means visually through a bar chart. I expected it was very simple, but after a lot of searching it seems as if you need to use Java and Google Charts. However, I know nothing about such coding- not even remotely. Is there any easy template somewhere on how to approach this? Can anyone help me with it?

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    If this request is more suitable as a paid service application please let me know