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I will preface my question by stating that I am not a web developer and I do not know much about HTML codes or Javascript and the like. I need to embed Youtube videos into my survey, though I am not sure if what I am asking for is even possible. I need an embedded Youtube video to play automatically in full screen and no controls. I would also like to have a screen covering the video so that participants cannot press on the video screen to pause it.

Is this possible? I have a code that we use regularly and it works for other experiments. I know the code to use for autoplay, no controls, and with a DIV container over the screen to prevent participants from clicking on the screen to pause. But for this study, I need the videos in this study to play in full screen automatically (without the participants having to click on the full screen button (which should be removed anyways).... Please help!?

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    We can start the video in full screen, but we cannot restrict them to stay in full screen. Check here

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    Hi, I did see that post prior to posting my question. However, it looks like that code is for placing a button that allows the participant to click it and make it fullscreen right? I assumed that this would be equivalent to having the YouTube video embedded and allowing the participant access to the full screen button at the bottom right of the Youtube screen, right? If that is the case, I am not sure I adding the button would be necessary for my purposes. 

    So if I am understanding, there is no HTML code or JavaScript that can force an embedded video to automatically play in full-screen?

    Thank you for your help!!! I really appreciate it.