How do I get an average ranking of all my rankings rather than a total average - 3/6 is the total a

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I have a set of 12 questions - and people can rank themselves on a level between 1 and 6 - so for each questions I get a result of the ranking - I can get a 5/6 for one and then a 1/6 for another. At the end I want people to know what is their average ranking. Something that will tell them that their total average ranking is a 5/6. I'm not getting that result - I'm getting a percentage - for example instead of 3/6 I get 50%. How can I set this up correctly?


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    @KTHill it sounds like you will want to do some math to get to your numerator. And then when you display it to your respondent you would hard code in the "/6".

    To simplify I would use scoring since this an automated way to sum values. In the scoring for your 12 questions set the score to equal the rating value 1-6.

    Then in your survey where you want to display their average score you would type in

    $e{ round(PIPE SCORE / 12,0)}

    to display the nearest whole number. See this math operations page for more detail.