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Hi! I am quite new to Qualtrics, and I am stuck with the following problem:

For my study, participants should make pairwise ratings, meaning that they will make 3 rounds with 2 pictures each, that should be shown randomly. For example, in the first round, one participant sees picture 1 and 2, in the second round picture 3 and 4, and in the last round 5 and 6. For the next participant, this order could be 4 and 2, 5 and 1, and 3 and 6.

Every participant should see a random order, but should only see each picture once. Does anyone have an idea on how to do that?

Thank you in advance!


  • rondev
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    Create six embedded data, one for each image and set its value to 0. Create a randomizer (for selecting image 1 of pair 1) and in randomizer add the branch for each image as if embedded data for that image is equal to 0, assign image 1 pair 1 embedded data it. So the flow will be:

    The above flow will select one image for pair 1, similarly we will create more 5 randomizer to to assign each image url to a pair without repetition.

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    Hi! Thank you so much already, I have done the flow like in the picture.

    I do not quite understand how to proceed though, do I copy this randomization 5 times? And how do I insert the images in my study? ${e://Field/Pair1_Image1}} did not work.

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    Yes, we need to copy the randomizer 5 times and the only thing that will change is "Pair1_Image1", and it will be like - Pair1_Image2, Pair2_Image1, Pair2_Image2...etc.

    As we are storing image url in Pair1_Image1, in question html view we will use this as below:

    <img src="${e://Field/Pair1_Image1}" />
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    Okay, thank you! I have done all of that now.

    The only thing I do not quite understand yet is how I have to insert the URL into the embedded data. Is it just the plain URL or do I have to write something like this: ${l://URL}?

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    I am pretty new to qualtrics, and found this thread trying to solve my problem.

    Think you may be able to help? -->

    I am trying to present varying logos to respondents dependent on the state they reside in.

    My thought process was to use the survey flow to first embedded the data.. currently I am just copying and pasting the image URL into the set value now field (this is not working)

    Then I was thinking I could you use the branch feature to set a condition, only show RI logo if respondent lives in RI.

    Anyone have some input on what I need to do differently. I think my first mistake is, I can not simply just copy and paste the URI into the set value now.. but not sure what else to do.

    Ive looked over the above feeds and others.. but still at a lost! ANy help would be awesome : )

  • rondev
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    Instead of setting just img url in embedded data, you need to set it with img tag as below:

    <img src="PUT_IMAGE_URL_Here" />

  • natty1010
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    thank you so much for you response, yes i realized i was not putting the actual question in html format, this is what i have now -->

    Have you ever seen this label?&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />

    <br />&nbsp; <img src="${e://Field/Pictures}" />

    Soo, this will make an image appear which is good. However, when I add in the branch if condition into the survey flow no image appears..

    any further suggestions? I am still have the same embedded data situation as the previous post

    --> little more information

    at start of survey respondents will answer question, what is your state of residency? A) Rhode Island B) Connecticut C) Massachusetts.

    Later, I ask the respondents, have you seen this label ? And I want the label, an image, to appear depending on state of residency