Can I create a more complex animation in Qualtrics using Code?

Hannah_H OhioCommunity Member Qubie ✭

Hello,  :)

I am a clinical psychology graduate student working on my dissertation project. The project is related to interactively teaching participants coping strategies to deal with mental stress. This project requires me to use JavaScript and or Html/CSS to create some interactive graphics and activities within qualtrics. I am looking to see if my study design is even feasible in qualtrics and then I can go about figuring out some help with creating the code. One thing I will need is participants to write a current thought they are having in a text box and then be able to select that text and drag and drop it onto a unique image/shape. Then that image/shape and the dropped in text would need to slowly slide off the screen (e.g. image of a cloud floating in the sky) . I would be happy to explain this in more detail to anyone that may have a solution.

If anyone has some insight into whether this type of animation/request can be done in qualtirics it would be greatly appreciated.





  • robin234
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    Hi Hannah,

    in general it is possible to include Java Script animations in qualtrics. So I think the question is more, whether you have a library or a solution to do the animations in JS in the first place (seems feasible to me). If so, there should be no problem to integrate it I think.



  • rondev
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    Here is a post that uses drag and drop question, that customizes it to look like words dropping on image.