Inline Survey Question Through 3rd Party Email Platform

jseive Qubie ✭
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Hi all -- I'm looking for a way to add an inline qualtrics survey question into our own email platform and have the response sent to qualtrics without opening another tab.

I've seen a few posts from a couple of years ago saying this was possible via copying the HTML code, but would appreciate an up-to-date response if there is one. Thanks in advanced!


  • rondev
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    The idea is still the same, put the inline question in the create email dialog and then go to source view and copy the HTML code.

  • Chick_a_dee
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    Is it possible to use a third-party email provider, have an inline question, and use personal links to track who is responding? The method of copying the HTML code does not seem to work for this.

  • OlaT
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    I also have the same use case (Inline Survey Question Through 3rd Party Email Platform). Is there any documentation about how to use the HTML solution, so that I could share it with the team responsible for Emails?

  • @Chick_a_dee: Would it be an option for you use an anonymous link and add the personal data you need via UTM-parameters?

  • Does any one of you have experience with using the HTML code of Qualtrics inline survey questions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud emails?

  • AdamK12
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    @jseive You can also use containers to embed the survey into an email so that the CX involves the prospective respondent seeing the actual survey in their email with all of the associated collateral, formatting, etc. instead of just a link. I'll defer to others who are much smarter about coding than I am...