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Dynamically adding multiple .ICS (Add-To-Calendar) files to Action for event session registration

CESurvey TexasCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭
edited September 2020 in Custom Code

I am looking for suggestions for dynamically attaching multiple .ICS files (Add-To-Calendar files) to an auto response (Action) email. 

We are using Qualtrics for event registration. The event is made up of 20+ individual sessions throughout one week. The event is set up so that users can register/pick and choose the sessions they would like to attend vs. registering for all sessions. 

Ideally we could create an Action to send ONE auto-response email confirming their registration, listing only the sessions they registered for, and include corresponding .ICS (Add-To-Calendar) files (or links to files) in ONE email. 

Because users will be registering for multiple sessions, we would like to avoid sending confirmation emails/.ICS files for each individual session that they register for. Is there a way to do this? Maybe through piped text, recoding values, etc.?