How do I get Qualtrics to carry a participant ID from SONA system to pavlovia?

canbyork Community Member Qubie ✭

I have a study that is made up of a questionnaire and a few external experiments on pavlovia. I have set it up so that participants are directed to Qualtrics from the SONA system (carrying their IDs) to the questionnaire and then at the end of the questionnaire, participants are sent back to SONA where completion of the study is confirmed and they receive their credit. I have each pavlovia experiment in its own block with instructions and a link to the study as part of the questionnaire in Qualtrics. The problem I am having is caused by the fact that I can't get Qualtrics to carry the same participant ID from SONA to the pavlovia experiment and then redirect back to the Qualtrics questionnaire to carry on with the rest of the tasks. Participants have to constantly enter their participant ID before each experiment and they often make mistakes.

Is there a way to do this? If so, can someone please help with the steps.