How to integrate Qualtrics EL dashboards into a SAP SuccessFactors HomePage Tile?

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Dear Community,

During one of our learning course in SAP SuccessFactors Integration with Qualtrics, I have observed that a qualtrics dashboard was embedded in the SuccessFactors HomePage for a manager login in SF, I am not able to find any steps as to how to achieve this.

Please guide provide a documentation which provides details about how to achieve the same.

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  • ana_velez_voce
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    Hi! this is still in the roadmap, I believe. But hanst been rolled ou yet. For now you can put the dashboarh URL in SF to make the proccess easier


  • Manjista
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    @ana_velez_voce - Just curious if you are aware if dashboards as SuccessFactors Quick Cards is going to be rolled out anytime sooner this year or this is still under consideration?