How to use a repeatable question block

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I have a question block that I would like participants to respond to any number of times (the questions are the same each time). I want the last question in the block to ask the participant if they want to repeat the block or proceed to the rest of the survey. I have tried using branch logic, display logic, and loop & merge to accomplish this but haven't been able to get it to work. I think having the question be within the block that is repeating is causing the problem, but I would like to do it this way if possible. Thanks!



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    We cannot have option to make a question repeat any number of time but you can fix some max value and create that many blank rows in loop and merge field. Create last question of loop and merge as "Do you want to repeat the block?" - Yes/No. Add display logic on all the question of loop and merge(including last) as -

    Do you want to repeat the block? - (All Loops) - No - is Not selected

    Check the demo here