Troubleshooting SMS Distributions

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I am having an issue using the SMS distribution and/or contact list feature The SMS messages I am sending to participants need to contain an individualized PIN. I use the external data reference feature within the contact lists to link the PINs with each phone number. When I send the SMS distributions, I used the embedded data feature so that every person should receive their own individualized PIN. However, when the SMS messages are sent, some individuals successfully receive their PINs while others just see 'blanks'.

The SMS message is below. There does not seem to be any pattern for which individuals did not see the survey link.


Greetings from [name],

[Org_1] has hired [Org_2] to conduct its annual survey. The survey takes 15 minutes and your responses are confidential. Click the link below and enter your PIN to take the survey.

PIN: ${e://Field/ExternalDataReference}



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    It sounds like something may not be setup correctly here - the contacts not receiving the PIN number may not be properly uploaded to your Contact List. If anyone else is experiencing a similar issue, you'll want to reach out to our wonderful Support team, as they are best equipped to help! 😀