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✉️ Q3 2020 | Qualtrics XM Community Newsletter

LaurenK Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

We’ve been keeping busy over here at the Q to make sure we provide you the best community experience possible. In this quarter’s newsletter, we cover a ton of great things happening on the community like popular discussions, upcoming events, a member spotlight, and trending product ideas.

Popular Discussions

We’re always blown away with the ingenious solutions our members come up with. Below are a few of the best discussions happening right now in the community!

  • Developer Corner
    • Customizing Image on Graphic Slider | The graphic slider is a great question type to use when you want respondents to give a rating on a set scale. This solution by @TomG and @Nami walks you through using custom images in your graphic sliders. 
    • Adding a Time Picker with AM / PM Format | Another great solution provided by @rondev that shows how to add a time picker question in the format of a 12 hour clock with the ability for the participant to select either AM or PM.
  • XM Best Practices and Discussions
    • PII & Longitudinal Study Best Practices | When running an anonymous longitudinal study, it’s important to maintain your respondent’s anonymity while still linking responses submitted by the same person. Check out this thread with some tips from @bstrahin on how to run this type of program with a simple Qualtrics setup. 
    • Text iQ & CX Dashboards Examples | Robust text analysis is crucial for gaining insights into your respondents’ thoughts and sentiments, and visualizing your text data in an effective way is equally as important as the data itself. Take a look at @NPSadmin2020’s method for analyzing text data in a CX dashboard, and be sure to contribute your own examples.  

New & Upcoming

We’ve been busy bringing new features to the community to keep members engaged. Check out the new programs, and ways to connect with other community members making their debut this quarter.

  • XM Builders “Summer Series” Virtual Meetup #3
  • New Badge of the Month Program 
    • We will post a new activity, question, or topic each month for you to answer and participate in for your chance to earn a limited edition profile badge. EARN A BADGE >>
  • New Industry Specific Communities
  • Updated “How to Use Qualtrics Community” category
    • We’ve taken the time to completely revamp this “How-to” category to highlight community features and tips for interacting with the community. You’ll now see step-by-step instructions for engaging with the community, like how to set up Advanced Notifications or do an Advanced Search. CHECK IT OUT >>
  • New Certification Profile Badges 
    • We partnered with our Certification team to ensure that when you complete a certification exam, you’ll be able to request a badge to display on your community profile. Shows other community members that you’re a Qualtrics pro! REQUEST A BADGE >>

Member Spotlight

Congrats to our new Gurus, @Radam, @mcoverdale, @chasemcl, @appzk, and @bmcgrath. Our single new sage this quarter is @Surajk, and although we haven’t had anyone reach the Superuser rank this quarter, @ana_velez_voce is the closest to hitting this rank by just 25 points. Lastly, a huge shoutout to @bstrahin and @peeyushbansal, who have reached the top rank in our Rank & Reward program - they are now Wizards. Great job to all who have leveled up, and thank you for your continued commitment to the community!

Trending Product Ideas

The Qualtrics platform is constantly evolving, and we want your input on where the product roadmap should go next! Check out the below ideas for a bit of inspiration, and then head over to Product Ideas to leave your own.

 Current ideas with the most traction:

Popular ideas that have recently been implemented into the Qualtrics platform or will be soon:

We value your feedback and would appreciate your thoughts on this quarter’s newsletter. We will use the suggestions you leave in this feedback survey to improve future newsletters!