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I want to schedule my invite mail for my survey combining different filters. Possible?

Eba BelgiumCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭


Can I combine different metadata to narrow down the target audience of my invite mail?

I would like to use the metadata "respondent yes" & "company", as we have multiple companies in the participants file that start at a different moment. It looks very much possible, as the number of particpants goes down when adding the filters...

BUT: I've had a bad experience last year when the filters did not narrowed down the selection, but added up - contrary to what was shown when configuring the mail.

So my question: is it possible to narrow down using multiple metadata filters, or will it always add up in reality?

thank you for a fast response!


  • apowellCX
    apowellCX USACommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Hi there-

    It sounds like you have a mailing list in your Qualtrics directory that you want to narrow down to a particular set (based on respondent yes/ company filters). You can accomplish this by creating a sample of your original mailing list.

    To do so, navigate into your mailing list, then navigate to 'list options.' From there, select 'Create sample from list.'

    It should provide you the option to 'Add Sampling Criteria.' You can use this to filter by your embedded data fields (respondent yes/ company).

    Then, when you go to send your survey, make sure to select your sample, not your entire mailing list. This may have been the cause of your previous issue where the filters seemed not to apply.

    Hope this helps! Please reach out with any questions :)