How can we change the logo on my surveys?

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How can we change the logo on my surveys?

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  • AnthonyR
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    If the logo is built in to a custom theme, and you are trying to update it across studies. Your brand administrator can contact the themes team to have an update applied, using the link on this page:

    If you would like to update it for a single study, the following css should be able to be applied in the "Add custom CSS" section of the look and feel menu (use the appropriate logo url for the image you would like applied):

        background: url('LOGO URL HERE');


  • RachelTHREE
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    This somewhat depends on where you want your logo to show, but an easy way to do this is go into the "Look & Feel" area of your survey and add it into the header!

    Look & Feel -> "Advanced" -> Header (edit button below). -> Image icon in rich content editor

    From there, you can select your logo (if you've pre-loaded it into your image library) and save.

    That'll ensure your logo appears at the top of each page!