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I know that certain packages of Qualtrics has the ability to map survey responses to Standard Salesforce Objects. Does there exist any Qualtrics package (if budge is not a constraint) that can map survey responses to ANY (Standard and/or Custom) Salesforce Object?

Alternatively, does anyone here who uses Salesforce, know if an API call can be made from Qualtrics to Salesforce? Specifically, when a survey response is recorded, is there a way to map that response to a Custom Salesforce Object?

Thank you in advance for your help (even if the answer is a no 🙂)!!

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  • Kate
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    Way late to the game, but.. Yes! By purchasing a qualtrics package which includes the ability to integrate with salesforce or use API you can map to custom or standard salesforce objects. I find the standard integration qualtrics allows pretty comprehensive and relatively easy to get set up; you shouldn't need to make custom API calls. However, the ability does exist if you want to do something the standard integration does not allow.


  • rjpmenon
    rjpmenon MissouriCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Thank you for the insights, Kate!!