Welcome to Segments in XM Directory!

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The Qualtrics XM Directory is your command center for truly personalized experiences. With XM Directory, you can build rich, personalized profiles of every stakeholder. It stores every piece of feedback, from every customer, prospect, and employee in a single place, so that you can design and deliver personalized experiences to everyone.

We are happy to share that XM Directory now includes support for contact segmentation. This feature empowers you to separate your contacts into dynamic groups based on demographics and other psychographic or behavioral criteria.

XM Directory offers you a single place to create and manage all your segments. Once created, segments can be used to target survey distributions, personalize web and app feedback outreach, as well as filter dashboards to obtain segment-specific insights.

Currently, segments in XM Directory can be created based on contact-level metadata attributes. In the future, Qualtrics will also support segment creation based on customer feedback and transactional data.

When it comes to targeting and personalization using Segments, the Website feedback solution now supports the ability to link with XM Directory and target intercepts based on a user’s segment membership.

In your intercept targeting criteria, you can choose the segment targeting logic and specify the segment(s) that the user should/should not belong to. Once this is configured, the intercept targeting will also evaluate whether the contact belongs to specific segments before showing the intercept to that user. Additionally, any feedback responses will be attributed to this specific XM Directory contact within the Qualtrics XM platform.

Note: XM Directory-based segment targeting is best suited for scenarios where your site visitors are logged on to your website, as that will enable matching this user with the contact within XM Directory.