How do I set up my survey so an individual participant completes a different block each attempt?

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My survey instrument includes three randomized blocks of questions. Participants complete the survey three times over two years, and a different block each time. How do I set up the survey so that individuals get a different block each time they click the survey link and can only complete the survey a total of three times? It is important for the blocks to remain random so that I get an even spread of completed blocks over each time interval.


  • ClairJ
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    Hi @stuschony I think you would need them to use a different link each time. So, you'd want to set up a new distribution for each of the three time points, if that's possible in your project. Then, I think you could assign embedded data for each block (if Block 1 completed, then Block1 = TRUE). And then in your survey flow you can use that information in combination with randomization and branching to do what you want. It's not super elegant, but basically, the flow would be something like...

    IF (Block1 = FALSE and Block2 = FALSE and Block3 = FALSE)

    THEN Show 1 block of Block 1, Block 2, Block 3

    ELSE IF (Block1 = TRUE and Block2 = FALSE and Block3 = FALSE)

    THEN Show 1 block of Block 2, Block 3

    And so on...