Videos pause after 1 second

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I'm conducting research that relies on the viewing of 40 short videos (7-10 seconds in length) which I uploaded through my library. Recently I noticed the videos only play for 1 second and then pause and then I have to click the play button again so it only plays for 1 second. Anyone come across this before or have a solution?


  • ahmedA
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    It will be difficult to say without having access to the code you are using. However, prior to sharing that, I suggest you try out some debugging to see where the problem lies:

    1. How are incorporating the video? (video element or YouTube). Whichever one you are using, try the other one.
    2. Use different browsers.
    3. Use different OSes
    4. Copy the question over to a brand new survey
    5. Diable ad blockers etc.

    Try these and see where the problem still persisits. This will help identify the source of the issue.

  • BrianF
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    I agree that definitely need a lot more information to provide any solution here. I'd also suggest for videos using a platform that is dedicated to videos for hosting and then embedding, for performance and user experience benefits.

    Do you have any other custom code going on in the survey that could be causing a conflict?