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Authenticators: using a query string to hide or reveal blocks

JSeltzer Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭
edited June 23 in Survey Platform

My question is about using URL query strings that include information about showing or hiding blocks. Is this doable?

I have a pretty complex problem but am relatively convinced this is the best way to solve it. I will include context, though, in case the community has any alternative suggestions. Feel free to totally skip my story to the last two, numbered questions at the end if it's TL/DR.

I'm looking for my clinicians to validate the diagnoses of some of my responders, who will take several, linked surveys. Here is my plan:

Grabbing clinicians' information:

  1. Use Airtable or similar to collect clinician information, including a username and password.
  2. Upload to Qualtrics as csv to make a Contacts List.

From responders' perspective:

  1. They should receive a URL that they can pass on to their clinician on completion of section 1 via email.
  2. The URL should contain their unique identifier as part of the query string -- but also part of the query string should ensure that the person who clicks on it will ONLY SEE ONE BLOCK of the survey.

From clinicians' perspective:

  1. When the clinician clicks on the link, they should ONLY see the block of text meant for them, prompting them to enter their username and password; if these are correct, it should allow them to input the patients' diagnoses. When they hit 'submit', they should be submitting the survey with all the patients' information and this new information; this means we would have to set survey 1 such that it can be submitted and then edited/altered without erasing previous answers.
  2. The URL should be available only on completion of survey 1 because both the clinician and the responder are essentially taking the survey as the same person, according to Qualtrics -- so ensuring clinician can only access survey 1 after the patient is done and has hit 'submit' is important to avoid the appearance of two people taking the same survey at the same time, which I imagine could cause issues.


Whew! Thank you for sticking with this!

Lingering questions

  1. Is it possible to show/hide blocks this way?
  2. Any advice on making absolutely sure that "the same person" can access a survey twice in this way? It might mean turning off validating IP addresses (because the clinician and patient are on different computers) and it might mean selecting something saying that the patient can come back to their survey to enter more information at any time. I've tried searching the latter and haven't found it to be as clear as most of the advice for Qualtrics, so I'd really appreciate your help there, too.