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Pulling firstname and lastname from a contact list into a multiple choice question options.

whalesarowolo NigeriaCommunity Member Qubie ✭
edited June 23 in Survey Platform

Hello, I am new to Qualtrics and it has been challenging for me to achieve some experience that i do with a breeze in ODK or CommCare. I created a survey that I require to pull Firstname and Lastname of a respondent from a contact list. I will like the Firstname and Lastname from the contact list to display based on a two level filter that will be set based on response to previous questions. To explain further, I have a contact list that contains the Firstname, Lastname, Gender, Village and UniqueID for farmers. I have uploaded the farmers contact list but I want the information pulled into my survey for selection based on two filter questions: The village the farmer resides and the Gender of the farmer. And the follow up question will be the fullname (Firstname + Lastname) of the farmer displayed in a dropdown based on the filters in Q1 & Q2. Refer to the screenshot below:

Please i look forward to someone assisting me to achieve this experience.