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I need to create one survey (Registration site) which is an anonymous link that can be distributed to potential respondents who will be given a brief introduction to the survey content and if willing to participate will enter some basic info, name, email, organisation etc. On providing this information it will be passed to second survey (Main survey) to generate them a personalised link. Ideally the link will be displayed on the 'Registration site' and also sent to the email which they have provided on the previous page.

What is the best approach to accomplish this?

All help greatly appreciated!




  • MatthewM
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    Hi @Ronan ,

    I would suggest looking into the XM Directory task under Actions. This would allow you to automatically send an email with the main survey link, and create an email list of those who register.

    Or you could conduct these in a single survey, and simply screen out those who don't provide the necessary information to register.

    I don't know the advantage of including the main survey link on the Registration site. I think you're best off either seamless taking the respondent from the registration form to the main survey, or emailing the link to the main survey after they register.