⭐️ Updates to the Community Theme | Community Feature

Announcing Our New Community Theme

If you haven’t already noticed, it looks a bit different around here, and that’s because we just launched a complete redesign of our community! We’ve been busy working with our Creative, Design, and UX teams to build an amazing experience for all of you, our dedicated community members. We understand and recognize that change can sometimes be difficult, but we’re excited about the new features and design that will enable us to provide the best community experience possible.

A few of the key changes / updates:

Theming / UI improvements

  • We’ve added a new navigation bar, so you can now quickly access and find everything you need in the community.
  • We’ve updated all of the theming elements on the community to match our Qualtrics branding and style guide (i.e. new font, colors, style, etc.)

Customized community experience

  • We now have the ability to customize what you see based on your account information (i.e. Brand Administrators, Academic users, etc.). It’s now more important than ever to sign in to the community to take full advantage of this customization!

Advanced and updated search

  • It is now easier than ever to search for and find content on the XM Community. Along with a stronger search infrastructure, you can now access a community member directory, quickly filter and search by category, and more. Check out this how-to post with more information.

Category clean-up

  • We’ve condensed some of our categories to make it easier for you to find and post content. You’ll also notice a new UI when creating a post that will make it easier to select the right category.

Robust tagging system

  • Since we updated our category hierarchy, we now rely heavily on the use of tagging, so that other community members can quickly and easily find posts. Be sure to continue to tag posts, whenever possible!

Groups (launching Q3 2021)

  • We now have access to a Groups feature that will make connecting and networking with other community members a whole lot easier. More information to come!

Product Ideas widget

  • You can now head on over to the Product Ideas category to view the “My Product Ideas” widget that features a list of all of the ideas you’ve posted to the community.

We’ve also changed some logistics to further set us up for success:

  • We’ve updated our site domain from qualtrics.com/community to community.qualtrics.com
    • If you come across any redirect / url issues, please report them via the Feedback tab on the right side of the community.
  • We’ve implemented sub-communities to give our partner community - the XM Professionals Network - their own unique space. 
    • If you’re interested in joining the XMPN, follow this link.

We are always looking for feedback on how we can continue to improve the community. If you’d like to provide feedback, please do so through this Community Redesign Feedback survey.