Longitudinal Study + different groups and conditions

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Hello, I need some clarification about the survey platform.

For my project, I'm going to conduct a 6 month longitudinal study, asking partecipants to report their financial behaviour every two weeks.

The first part of the study is based on a bunch of questions. In this part I successfully employ the randomization tool, creating 4 different condition with a different question path. Every group has to answer a specific pool of questions. This part goes really smooth and seems to work fine. But now, I feel little insecure for how to procede.

That's my idea:

I'm going to create a 2nd survey that is going to be the second part of the study, otherwise the recoursive self report where I'm going to ask every partecipant "how's going?" (for example).

Now, since the second part is really important to me because it's where i'm going to nudge every group in different ways, I don't want to lose any previous categorization. If partecipant 1 is in group1, I need to mantain this data through the second survey.

So I'm asking, is this good for me? https://www.qualtrics.com/support/survey-platform/common-use-cases-rc/pulling-data-into-a-second-survey-longitudinal-surveys/

I'm not sure about the autenticator, I don't feel like I need it. That's what I've done untill now:

Since i'm asking every partecipant their email, I've setup an "action" to create a contact list reporting address and the embedded data telling me in which group she is. Then another one to send the email after 2 weeks and then every two weeks.

My concerne is, is this the procedure to not lose any condition suddivision? When partecipant 1 is going to complete the first part as Group1 and then opening the second survey, will she still be in Group 1?

Thank you so much

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