Is it possibile to create a pool of quotes and then showing just one every time?

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Here it is the backgroud info:

Is it possibile to have a different showing quote every time a partecipant take the survey?

I want to show a different message for a specific condition group every two weeks. I have a set of financial tips and I want to show them one at the time for a total of twelve messages. Such as: week 1 = message 1 ; week2 = message 2 .

I'ill appreciate any kind of help


  • grahulp5
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    If the respondent is taking the same survey again then you will need to get the week via JS and then punch embedded data based on that. If not then just create 12 embedded Datas or 1 would do fine as well and then just update the src link in every one of them when the survey is about to go live again.