How to hide radio buttons in a matrix question

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I have a matrix question. I want to hide the radio buttons in the last raw (as the picture shown). Respondents in the survey are allowed to enter alternative in the text box provided if their answer is not in the list. How do I do it?



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  • cbhavsar
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    Typically, if there is any other item in the list, you may still want rating/response for that other response so it shouldn't be made hidden.

    There are two ways to achieve that...

    1. Remove other option from that matrix question, and create a separate open question that collects other response.
    2. If you want to go with matrix and hide those radio buttons - there is no direct configuration - you will require using JS/Jquery/CSS to achieve this.

    I hope this answer your question,

    All the best with your project!

    ~ Chirag Bhavsar


  • Houston1977
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    Hi Chirag Bhavsar,

    Could you write the code for me please?