What code would you use to automatically fill in matrix table in the email body of the Actions tab?

nyclaresearch Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭


I am trying to build out an automated report sent in an email via the actions tab when participants complete the survey. My survey questions are built in a matrix table. While I am able to build the table in the body of the email in the Actions tab, I am not sure how to have the table automatically fill in the appropriate column with an "O" or "X" only if the statement is true. An example of what I would like it to look like is below.

Below is the table built out in the email body with with pipe text. I assume that there is code I can input into the blank boxes that will tell the system to place an "O" or "X" there if the the answer is equal to the description. I would assume it would resemble something like:

if ('${q://QID7/ChoiceGroup/SelectedAnswers/}'= ‘Slightly’) {



but I really am not sure because I have no experience with code. Therefore, I would appreciate all suggestions of what code I should include and exactly how I would input the code.