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Generate ID, trigger email out with piped text and ID number?

Espikol Community Member Qubie ✭
edited July 10 in Survey Platform

We're designing a survey with a main participant who then has the options to refer other family members, linked by a unique ID that we can later use for group analysis. It seems like all the functions we'd like to use exist, but can they all be used together? This is the set-up I'm envisioning:

Main participant completes survey, triggering the generation of a random ID number, displayed with explanation to the participant. They're then prompted to refer family members with text fields for email addresses, which would each trigger an email to the address with a pre-written welcome to the study and a link to the survey, and include the generated ID number for group linkage. The email process must be automatic and not be dependent on researcher involvement and we do not want to retain those email addresses (ethics). Is this process possible?

Best Answer

  • TSAcc
    TSAcc Community Member, XMPN Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    @Espikol Yes, I believe you can do all that automatically. Here is one way of doing this:

    1. Create an embedded field with a randomID (use the random function)
    2. Create another embedded field with your survey URL and randomID added as a query string (use piped text)
    3. Create a new Action with Email as task.
    4. In the email edit window, pipe the answer to the email address question in the 'To' box at the top. This will send the email only to the email address of the family member the user has entered.
    5. In the email message body, enter your custom message and then pipe the surveyURL embedded field created in step 2.