How can I add dynamic questions based on user selections without pre-generating all of them?

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I have a multiple choice question, and then I want to ask the respondent further questions about each option they selected.

Is the only way to pre-generate a large number of blocks, one for each possible answer and use conditional logic? That actually won't work because some options allow freeform text entry...

I've seen the carry forward feature, but that seems to only generate a list of answers for a single question, not new questions per selected choice.

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  • MatthewM
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    You should be able to use Loop & Merge for this.


  • grahulp5
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    Use the base logic for each selected options and in case of text entry you can use logic as not empty and displayed. You can also use in display logic, but here you cannot use page breaks.

  • leaverou
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    My question isn't about how to use display logic to toggle blocks, I know how to do that. I was asking how I can generate the blocks/questions so that a) I don't need to repetitively create dozens of identical blocks that are only different by 1 word, and b) so that the questions pertaining to any freeform entry options actually display the option entered.

    For example (not my actual use case, but similar enough), assume you have a multiple choice list of applications the recipient is asked about whether they use. For each of those that they checked as apps they use, you want to ask them how long they've been using it for, and how often.

  • leaverou
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    OMG thank you so much!! This looks like exactly what I need!!