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I have a matrix question in my survey. I made it force response since the day I developed the questions (see picture below).

I conducted few pilot studies in past few days. I am sure all participants answer this question. However, when I clicked on the "data and analysis" icon and read through the responses I have received, I found that there are quit a lot of participants' responses did not show the answer for this question! (see picture below)

Can anyone in the community tell me why this happened?





  • cbhavsar
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    Couple of points you may want to review that might address your question:

    1. On the mentioned data/time of response - was the question mandatory?
    2. Is this question asked to all users or is there any skip logic based on it?

    All the best with your project!

  • Houston1977
    Houston1977 New ZealandCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Hi cbhavsar,

    The question was set as "force response" when it was developed. Also, it was not display and skip logic set. It is asked to all respondents. However, the survey hasnt been published and what I have done is just pilot study. Participants who answered the question in front of me. Therefore, I am sure that there must be some response shown in every line.




  • MatthewM
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    It's strange that the "Not Applicable" bubble choices appear in the first screen shot, but not in the second one.

    Did the test respondents complete it via the preview link? If so, perhaps they enabled the "Ignore Validation" option in preview mode?

    Also, make sure to rule out that the "Exclude from Analysis" option isn't enabled for any of the choices. That would cause the answers not to be written to the survey data.