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We’re happy to announce that we’ve released ten new best practices pages on the support site. We cover topics like managing Qualtrics users, removing bounced email addresses, using Text iQ, and getting the most out of XM Directory. Keep reading for more on each resource!

User Governance Tools

The new User Governance Tools section covers all of the tools available to Qualtrics administrators for managing their Qualtrics users. On this page, learn how to control what features users have access to, how to monitor license usage, and how to add extra license security. 

Removing Frequently Bounced Email Addresses

It’s important to remove frequently bounced email addresses from your mailing lists to maintain email deliverability. The Removing Frequently Bounced Emails section walks through how to identify problematic emails. 

Text iQ Best Practices

If you’ve ever needed help performing text analysis, this page is for you! The Text iQ Best Practices page covers the end-to-end process for text analysis from designing your survey, to creating topics, to analyzing text data for insights. 

Getting Started with XM Directory

The entire Getting Started with XM Directory category has been reworked for new users. Begin with sending your first distribution by preparing your contacts and then choosing a distribution method. For directory admins, we’ve created pages around implementing your directory, from designing a directory to fit your needs, to implementing your directory in Qualtrics, and then improving your directory over time.

XM Directory Maintenance & Organization Tips

This page highlights the different features available to directory admins for managing directory access and features, and for organizing directory contacts. 

XM Directory Data Usage And Best Practices

The XM Directory Data Usage and Best Practices page walks through how embedded data is managed and used throughout XM Directory. Learn how to clean up directory data, how data flows in and out of your directory, and how to best utilize contact data. 

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