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Qualtrics Website Feedback currently supports a 2-way extension with Adobe Analytics, which allows for both the targeting of intercepts (and ingestion of embedded data) based on Adobe Analytics variables as well as the exchange of Qualtrics experience feedback data back to Adobe.

The extension for sending experience feedback data back to Adobe is currently based on Adobe data connector technology, and Adobe has announced an end-of-life of the data connector technology for extensions effective August 1st.

What is Qualtrics doing in response to this?

To ensure a high quality, seamless integration update and limited impact to customer deployments, Qualtrics is working closely with Adobe. On September 21st, we will roll-out an updated extension for all clients. There will also be an early adopter preview phase starting on August 23rd for a small number of clients to try the updated extension and provide feedback.

While new data connectors cannot be created after August 1st, Adobe has assured us that existing data connectors will continue to function even after August 1st, through at least October 31st.

Using Adobe Analytics for the targeting of intercepts or for capturing embedded data will function as it did before, and it will remain unchanged.

What will change?

The new Adobe Analytics extension will take advantage of the Qualtrics xFlow infrastructure. There will be two additional Adobe-specific tasks created in order to send experience feedback data back to Adobe:

  1. Classification task: This task will enable uploading of the survey fields to the Adobe report suite for mapping purposes. This task will run each time a survey is published.
  2. Data upload task: This task will run each time a survey response is submitted, in order to send the response data to the Adobe report suite.

As part of the migration, Qualtrics will auto-create these xFlow tasks for each survey that is currently enabled for Adobe Analytics data sync. Users will only have to configure a small set of fields, such as Adobe authentication information and IDs.

We will also offer full migration support as well as detailed migration guides to ensure a smooth migration to the new xFlow infrastructure.

What do you need to do?

No action is required on your end right now!

However, if you would like to participate in the preview of the new integration, please sign-up for the Qualtrics preview program here. You can then visit the preview recruitment survey and opt in to the Adobe Integration Update preview under the CX table of contents. This recruitment is open until August 16th, 2021, and the preview activities will officially kick-off starting on August 23rd.

We will reach out to everyone else prior to September 21st with more detailed migration documentation.

For more information about Adobe Analytics in Website Feedback, see Adobe Analytics Extension.

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