How to identify a survey response when the survey is filled out by internal employee vs customer?

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I am sending out a survey to about 300 customers hoping they complete it via the email survey. After about 2 weeks, I am going to have someone reach out to these customers and try and speak to them via phone call, essentially asking the same questions, just more in conversation format.

I'd love to just pull the distribution and send the URLs from those that didn't complete the survey and have the internal employee click the link and fill it out after the call. I want to identify that this was completed via a phone call.

I've added an embedded data field phone_call and appended this to the end of the URL phone_call=Y at the end of the URL, which works as long as the customer hasn't started the survey. I should note that I'd like to include an extra comment box if this is a phone call, hence the embedded data field to allow the display of the 'hidden' question.

Has anyone done anything like this?

The plan:

  1. send email survey to customers
  2. after ~2weeks have internal employee reach out to those that didnt respond via phone and have 'interviewer' ask the questions and fill out the survey for the customer.
  3. Identify this was a phone interview
  4. Display additional question(s) for interview in case more is shared.
  5. ideally use the same survey URL for this process.


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    Hi @MikeB ,

    I haven't done anything like this myself, but I think your steps are going in the right direction. After the two weeks have passed and you're ready for the phone phase, you can publish an update to your survey, with the new questions. The survey URLs will stay the same for all respondents, but the new questions will then be available to your employees.

    Though the likelihood is small, one catch with this method is that you could have respondents who start the survey from the link they were emailed after the two week period. If you want to hide the new questions from them, you might want to add an innocent-looking screening question at the beginning of the survey (something like "Are you completing this survey for yourself?" Yes/No, or whatever makes sense in your context) and use that response to set up Display Logic with the new questions.


  • MikeB
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    Thank you for your response @MatthewM . My biggest concern was the what you mentioned above about the survey being started. The question at the beginning idea is interesting. I don't love the idea of having our customers answer a question that only benefits us, with their time being limited. May not be a big deal so something to think about.

    I'm currently leaning to having 2 separate surveys, one for the email respondents and the other for the interviewer to contact those that didn't respond to the email and then mapping them together in a dashboard. Still a small risk that a person could complete both, but unlikely.

    This would make a cool feature if you could go into a distribution and click something that initiates a variation of the survey for instances like this and tracks it. I don't know how often this kind of thing is happening. Appreciate your help!