How to tell if someone answered a question only AFTER being prompted with "request response"?

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All of the questions in our survey have the "Request Response" feature implemented (i.e. individuals are not required to answer, but are prompted once in case they simply forgot to answer a question). We are also recording reaction time for each question.

If an individual does not initially respond to a question, but responds after being prompted, the reaction time will be impacted. Is there a way to see if a participant answered a question only AFTER they were prompted with "request response"?

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    One of the solution is: You can create embedded data for each question and set its value to 1 on click of the "Answer Question" button of the request response popup using JS. OR you can also create one embedded data and capture all question id or question export tag in comma separated format.


  • kristaroze
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    @rondev Thanks for your comment. I am pretty new to JS; how would I go about doing that? Is this also possible to do through the survey flow tab?