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Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a participant role for some specific users to view only filtered data in the dashboard for an already active survey. I want to filter by a specific field in the employee metadata. I added this field in the Dashboard data settings, added it in the Dashboard as a filter, but the field doesn't show up when using the restrict data option and trying to filter by metadata, in the role creation in participants tab.

Any ideas??




  • Harshal_
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    Hi Joan,

    You first need to define this embedded data in the survey flow and then you can add the same as an attribute in the user (Edit User in user admin tab) and then restrict the required data.

  • Simonmd14
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    Hi @joan_raventos , Have you tried adding this specific role type to your original *.xls/*.csv participant file as a new variable column header with 1= yes and 0 = no (for example) to define the group/role that you need to use as a filter? If you do, you will then need to re-upload your participant file, refresh metadata and in the role definitions of the participants you should see 'field' and then select field. Your new meta data column should be visible here to select.