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Piped Text as URL Source

nwillan Community Member Qubie ✭


Currently I am trying to have a dynamic image for specific people show up in the survey with information to match the image. I uploaded a specific URL with each contact and I tried to use HTML around the piped text to display the image however it is showing that is is a broken image and does not want to display. When I looked around some people said they were able to get theirs to work however it is not working for me.

When I look in the inspect on the survey it shows that the src is unknown but the piped text should have populated. Anyone know what to do?

example of how mine looks

<td align="center" dir="ltr" valign="top"><a href='http:clickablelink" target="_blank"><img alt="" border="0" class="n_profile" height="110" src="${e://Field/_URL}" style="display: block;" width="182" /></a></td>