How can I access graphics in my library using JavaScript?

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I want to implement a memory game in Qualtrics. Originally, using VS Code, the game consists of a JavaScript file, CSS file and a HTML document. The game can be played by running the HTML document, while the folder with the corresponding graphics is loaded in VS Code. I know that I can add JS code to a question, custom CSS in the design section and HTML by using the rich content editor. Now, I struggle with accessing the graphics that I loaded in my Qualtrics library in JS code. Can anyone help?

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    Graphics you can access Qualtrics in two ways...

    1. Loading Graphics on some graphics servers such as S3 and adding absolute path of it in your code.
    2. In Qualtrics - Navigate to "Library" section - "Graphics Library" - create folder (if required) and add all relevant graphics in here. Copy Graphic URL and paste the absolute path in your code

    All the very best for your project!


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