Embedded Data Saving as Field but not Functioning in Survey Flow

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I have created an embedded data field called "datediff" which calculates the difference between a collected date of birth and a static date. I am trying to use branching logic in the survey flow to end the survey if the date difference is outside of a range. However, it doesn't seem like the data are saved in that embedded element until after the entire survey is submitted. I tried piping the data into the last question, and it was empty. However, when I look at the data and analysis tab, I see the data in "datediff". Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


  • grahulp5
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    For any math operation you'd need to convert the value in number so select text type as Number. Then for a math operation you have to write the operation in the perfect sequence, please check qualtrics math operation page to get more idea on this. Then any operation can only be achieved if the embedded data has some value in it so you'd need to have this arithmetic operation right after getting the value.

    On the contrary you can try to do the same via jQuery too.

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