Routing/branching to different (survey exit/close) feedback pages based on individual responses?

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Looking for the right Qualtrics search terms to search on, or even pointers to the right part of the help files so I can start learning how to do this:

We are building an assessment; depending on the individual responses from each person, we want to show them one of three different exit pages.

Several questions consist of 3 answers (Good/Neutral/Bad) and the exit page they see should depend on how many of each answer they give, /and/

there is one multiple choice (multi-answer allowed, none required) question; selection of any of those items should also push them to a specific exit page.

I know this will include branching logic, but I'm looking to learn how to use an individual's answers to drive the branching logic.

Thank you!!

Edit: playing with the actual branching logic, I see where I can use individual question answers to drive logic, but part of our ruleset is that it has to be the aggregate of the answers, e.g. "at least 2 bad" or "1 bad and 2 neutral" or "3 or more neutral" might all lead to the same exit page

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    You should be able to use scoring for each question/answer and then use branch logic from those results