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First of all, the dashboard shows 237 completed interviews. However, further investigation of the respondent level data shows we actually only have 155 that have answered at least 1 Q.

 So, how can I strip out those not answering anything on the dashboard too so that we can see the profile and responses of the 155? Otherwise it will be confusing to see

the regional split of 237 when we should see it only of the 155.

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    apply filter in dashboard page and lock it that Q1 is non empty.


  • CBoyle
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    Question -

    Are you saying that your dashboard is displaying your entire dataset, not JUST the responses?

    I am trying to have the entire dataset showing and a progress column in a simple table showing who responded vs. who did not respond.

    I added in the dashboard settings "Contact Fields - Distribution Channel" and it allowed me to put a "progress" column. This column shows 0, 40, 80 and 100.

    Will this give me the entire dataset?

    I cannot test the data in the survey without sending the survey, so I cannot tell if it can work this way. So I am using a closed survey data to test.

    Thank you in advance for your help!