🦃 Thankful | Badge of the Month | November 2021

AmaraW Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

During the first week of each month, we will post a new question, topic, or activity for you to connect with the community and earn a badge. All community members who contribute a thoughtful comment to this month’s discussion, between November 1  and November 30,  will receive this badge worth 10 points.

Task: Comment mentioning an XM Community member or members you are thankful for. Alternatively, comment and share an experience with the XM Community and / or Qualtrics that you are thankful for.

This November we want to highlight thankfulness in our community. In the spirit of thankfulness, we want to hear all about the Qualtrics community members and experiences you are grateful for. Tell us who solved that stumper of a problem for you!  Anyone make your work day a little better?  What about someone who posted a discussion that ended up informing some of your work? Did any Qualtrics software make your job easier recently? We can’t wait to hear all about the Qualtrics and XM Community  moments you are thankful for!



  • AmaraW
    AmaraW Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    🦃 I'll start us off! I’m thankful for @AdamK12 who helped me create content for our Q3 XM Community Newsletter 🦃

  • SabrinaC
    SabrinaC Carrollton, Georgia Guru ✭✭

    Thank you again, @Akdashboard for sharing a qsf file to add days to a text entered date. I do not understand the Java script that was written, but I was able to copy and paste and adjust the formulas for my use. I am thankful that our community has so many willing to share.

  • VirginiaM
    VirginiaM Boone, North Carolina Sage ✭✭✭

    I am thankful (even years later) for @bstrahin, @LibertyW, and @JulieT for befriending me at my first X4 Summit in 2019! I am also thankful for @Heith for introducing me to his co-worker, Stephanie, who moved to my area and became a friend and co-leader.

  • PeeyushBansal
    PeeyushBansal India Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭

    I am thankful to @AmaraW for conducting QnA's, publishing quarterly news letters. I am also thankful to @TomG and all community members to help in one way or other.

  • Heith
    Heith United States Qubie ✭

    You guys rock! :) Thankful for your assistance with me learning more about Qualtrics!

  • ValerieP
    ValerieP Florida, USA Qubie ✭

    I am thankful for @MatthewM for taking the time to answer my first Community question. First of many, I am sure!

  • pogi
    pogi FL Guru ✭✭

    I appreciate the work of @TomG , @MatthewM , and @ahmedA. The hints they've provided in discussions have been a tremendous help in learning about the XM platform and javascript.

  • GeorgeIssa
    GeorgeIssa Pennsylvania / Global Organization Guru ✭✭

    I am thankful for the assistance I received from @JamieM (Jamie Morningstar of Qualtrics) in 2018. I had met with her and the Engineering Team at Qualtrics to showcase the reporting that our organization had put together using Qualtrics. During this meeting I had a request for a change to the Qualtrics Reporting platform to add an additional option for the Time Period Query / Filter. The ask was to add and option for Last 365 Days and within a few weeks of the ask, the Engineering team came through and added this option. Her reply to me was "Your Last 365 Day Filter has been added." #grateful #Last365Days

  • WendyMack
    WendyMack Colorado Springs, CO. United States Qubie ✭

    I'm thankful for @BruceT and the XM Institute team for the excellent resources they produce.

  • SteveBelgraver
    SteveBelgraver the Netherlands Qubie ✭

    I'm thankful for @ShelleyWhite for touching base with me in early 2020 and the XM Institute for making the joining/registration process an easy and smooth experience!

  • I'm thankful for @LauraG , who has worked tirelessly with me on all things Qualtrics related!

  • MattiasM
    MattiasM Sweden Guru ✭✭

    I'm thankful for all the great work @LaurenK does in this community.

    Wish I could remember all the others that have helped me and contributed with thoughts and insights to help me overcome hurdles and success in making me look good with Qualtrics :)

  • CarolK
    CarolK East Coast USA Guru ✭✭

    Thanks @LaurenK and the whole Qualtrics team that helps make this community run!

  • dobra021
    dobra021 Guru ✭✭

    I'm thankful for @TomG and all his help with custom code. And shoutout to the Qualtrics Community as a whole - never fails to teach me something new and answer all my questions.

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