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🐾 Community Pets | Badge of the Month | August 2022



  • JessicaGregory_CHNw
    JessicaGregory_CHNw Indiana Level 2 ●●

    Better late than never! Here are my two dogs. Zoey (left) is a 4 month old mini Goldendoodle and Kaylee (right) is a 14 year old Silky Terrier. This is as close as Kaylee will let Zoey get to her, and I don't blame her because Zoey pounces on her head a lot. Puppy needs to learn some manners! They are both named after characters in the short lived TV show "Firefly". Does anyone else know that show, or am I that old? :)

  • SimQualtrics
    SimQualtrics Québec Level 2 ●●

    The picture of the dark ferret is Lily my furret dedicated last year who gave me the strength to persevere during my studies. The second one is Aya (country) who is 2 years old and with whom I'm starting my new career at Qualtrics!

  • This is Our 52lbs Puppy Tucker he Turned 7months yesterday he is a Golden Doodle and he super Sweet.

  • ting
    ting Arkansas Level 1 ●

    We have 7 Great Pyrenees. This is one of the 7 - Duke - my sweet heart and the leader of the pack to protect cows, chickens, ducks anything on farm. He is now 6 years old retried LGD; one of his favorite things is to get into truck for a ride to town. Getting an ice cream treat is a bonus by default when we are in town. He has been spoiled for sure.

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