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🦇 Spooky Season | Badge of the Month | October 2022

AmaraW Chicago, IL, USA Administrator

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Badge of the Month | October 2022

Question: What was your favorite spooky movie or TV show to watch in 2022? Alternatively, what was your favorite spooky book that you read in 2022? 

It’s officially spooky season! Do you love a good scare in the fall? Or, do you avoid all things scary? One of our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween and spooky season is to watch frightening movies and read scary books. We want to know about your favorite spooky books, movies, and TV shows, (even if they aren’t that frightening) from this year. Tell us all about your fall favorites so we can watch / read them and dive into the season!



  • AmaraW
    AmaraW Chicago, IL, USA Administrator

    🦇 I absolutely loved the show Black Bird on Apple TV 🦇

    This mini tv series gave me chills and is certifiably spooky! Based on a true story, Black Bird is about a convict who collaborates with the FBI to obtain a confession from a suspected serial killer. The convict, Taron Egerton, is forced to transfer to a maximum security prison where the suspected serial killer is detained and must befriend said killer. I'd give it a 10/10!

  • SuhasM
    SuhasM Seattle, WA Former XM Community Team Member

    I typically do not watch scary films, unless it's with a group 😅 I watched Orphan movie with friends a long time back, and I remember that I absolutely had no idea what type of movie it was so that was a very scary surprise! 👻 I recently learnt its prequel, Orphan 2, came out to theaters and I think it's safe to say I wont be going to it by myself.

  • Michael_Cooksey
    Michael_Cooksey Seattle, WA, USA Administrator

    I am a big fan of Stephen King's books from back in the day 📚️ I don't watch too many scary TV shows or movies, but I have a lot of fun memories about Halloween as a kid 🎃

    It's also interesting to see how many countries have similar events or celebrations as part of their culture! Martinstag in Germany (in certain regions) has some similarities with Halloween, when children also go from house to house with lanterns, singing songs and getting candy in return.

    I'm curious to know from our global members if you have similar traditions where you live? 🌍️

  • CourttneyOx
    CourttneyOx North Carolina

    I absolutely love dressing up in scary costumes along with my kids and going trick or treating.

    Ok I’m a huge fan of going to haunted houses during the month of October. Also I love going to scarewinds in North Carolina. Also around this time of the year, my sisters and I love getting together with our kids and tell ghost stories, weather they are true or false, fake or real, we scare the **** out of

  • ManfredBM
    ManfredBM Munich, Germany Level 2 ●●

    One more vote for Stranger Things - definitely my favourite spooky series.

  • MattiasM
    MattiasM Lund, Sweden Level 3 ●●●

    Good morning from a cloudy Sweden!

    LOVE scary movies, the missus does not. So I'm not seeing too many scary movies these days, but yes, Stranger Things season 4 was great but not very scary.

    Read a book that was pretty creepy that is called "The thirst" by Norwegian writer Jo Nesbø.

    BUT, I have seen a TRAILER that seriously sent chills down my spine and although my wife have already hard opt'ed out of seeing this one, it's a sure MUST for me.

    Check out the trailer for the upcoming move "Smile" here (Youtube):

    All the best


  • SimQualtrics
    SimQualtrics Québec Level 2 ●●

    My go-to horror book that I've read and love the series around our house is The Last Ritual - Horror at Arkham. A young couple gets engaged in a university where strange stories happen. The town is haunted and Alden (the main character) has gone to Arkham City to investigate horrific crimes. This book ties in as well as the Harry Potter books. The writer of these books H.P Lovecraft. They have adapted a drama series in 2020 in the name of Lovecraft country which is excellent!

  • JessicaGregory_CHNw
    JessicaGregory_CHNw Indiana Level 2 ●●

    I was getting ready to say that I don't like scary things but then:

    • I LOVE Stephen King books (especially the Dark Tower series)
    • I'm a fan of Stranger Things and Lovecraft Country
    • I like Get Out and tolerate Cabin in the Woods...but think all Hitchcock movies are great.

    So I guess maybe I do like scary things! Haha!

  • tey
    tey Level 1 ●

    Love Hocus Pocus, and so excited that Disney released Hocus Pocus 2!

  • LVarCC
    LVarCC Level 2 ●●
    edited October 4

    You have to check out the Evil series! It started out on Netflix, and moved to the Paramount+ channel. Season 3 aired this year, and it just keeps getting better.

    It's very quirky, filled with dark humor, horror, romance and amazing characters you will absolutely fall in love with (or love to hate...)!

  • JessicaGregory_CHNw
    JessicaGregory_CHNw Indiana Level 2 ●●

    I saw the "Smile" trailer in the theater last week. I'm with your wife - hard nope for me - I was hiding my eyes! :) I do hope you get to see and enjoy though!

  • pogi
    pogi FL Level 2 ●●

    I have to watch at least a few of the Halloween series films. Just something simplistic about Michael Meyers. I'm the only one in my realm of people that is into horror. Also, The Omen is a classic.

    Stranger Things to me is Sci-Fi, not horror but I understand what is a little spicy to me is napalm to others.

  • TimR
    TimR Level 2 ●●
    edited October 4

    To bring something new to the table, I'll recommend "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken", which stars Don Knotts. Knowing the star, you have an idea what kind of fun nonsense you'll get with this. It has several lines my family often quotes. Kind of highlights how very far from dark my "spooky" tastes are (hence why I also enjoyed "Hubie Halloween").

  • AmaraW
    AmaraW Chicago, IL, USA Administrator
    edited October 4

    @JoycaV, @JessicaGregory_CHNw & @ManfredBM I absolutely LOVED season 4! It was SO good and SO spooky. Here in the states, some people get really into decorating their homes for Halloween. Some families even went viral on social media for their Stranger Things decor. Here is a video of this family that went viral for their yard decorations, which included a floating Max

  • AmaraW
    AmaraW Chicago, IL, USA Administrator

    I actually am obsessed with this show and think it's hilarious! You are the only person I know who watches it too! 10/10 Amazing show!

  • Austin_Bachman_9
    Austin_Bachman_9 Des Moines, IA Level 2 ●●

    I love watching the movie Clue this time of year. A good sense of mystery with plenty of laughs! There's also multiple endings so if you don't like it at first it'll change to something different.

  • VirginiaM
    VirginiaM Boone, North Carolina Level 4 ●●●●

    I try to avoid all things scary...which is why Hocus Pocus is my go-to Halloween movie (and I'm looking forward to watching Hocus Pocus 2 this month!)

    I do watch a lot of true crime though, and that is scary on a whole different eventually I'll get around to watching Dahmer.

    And although it's probably not scary at all, my plan this Halloween is to watch Ghostbusters (because I've never seen it, and it's a classic, right?!) 😄

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