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NEW features across XM!

KatharineS Seattle, WACommunity Administrator, Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Administrator
edited October 2018 in Featured Product Updates

Hey guys! Time again to talk about some recent product updates! Today I'm covering a pretty big variety - including new Employee Engagement widgets, SMS updates, ticketing, improving your emails with DKIM, and iQ Directory.

Custom DKIM is an industry standard. It strengthens email distributions when you're using an SPF record or SMTP relay. So for those of you using Custom From Addresses to send emails in Qualtrics, you'll want to check this sweet new feature out! We made a simple Admin tools that generates public & private keys for you, so all you have to do is establish the record. Brand Admins should check out our Custom DKIM page for more guidance.

For those of you Employee Engagement fans on the new dashboards, there's a new widget in town! The Demographic Breakout widget helps you visualize the teams struggling most with their engagement. Think of it as a cool companion to the Heat Map widget - colorful and full of insights about your employees!

Don't you just LOVE texting survey links to your respondents? And love even more when they IGNORE your link and never respond? Oh, wait, that's not good... Well, thankfully you can now send those SMS stragglers Reminders! (And you can send Thank Yous to the people who didn't leave you on read.)

Our CX fans who are fed up with ticket tasks are in for a treat! You can now create Ticket Templates. That means you can finally save the same format you've used for the last 10 surveys and reuse it with a simple click!

You can now make multiple directories in iQ Directory! That means you can set separate deduplication and contact frequency rules for different sets of people.


  • Chris_Sousa
    Chris_Sousa Nashua, NH, United StatesCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

    My IT department will not add the DKIM records to our mail server because "Putting in the DKIM for this sender (only) would cause rejections for all other senders (including us) for any recipients that check for these records." Has anyone else run into this problem?

  • amooldijk
    amooldijk The NetherlandsCommunity Member Qubie ✭


    It's a late response, but if you have not received an answer yet my response might still be helpfull.

    Adding DKIM records for Qualtrics or any other sender that supports/uses DKIM does not mean you have to add DKIM for everything at the same time. A DKIM record is unique for every sending mailserver! You can have multiple DKIM records for every sender in your domain, as long as the selector is unique. The selector is something like:


    So, if you implement DKIM on your own mailserver (which is recommended) you just select a new name for a selector.

    More information I found very informative can be found here:

    I have no relation with dmarcly, I just found their information to be useful.

    Good luck!