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Response Mapping settings when you're sending 2 contacts on a case a survey and either could respond

AnneG Austin, TexasCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Sage ✭✭✭

I have an automated survey that has been sending for several months to the main implementation contact on a case. And responses for it have been mapping to a survey response record we created for the survey in Salesforce. One of the items to map is a contact field for the survey respondent, which points to the API name for that contact field on the case.

Now I am adding an additional workflow rule and an additional contact field (secondary implementation contact--set up just like the main implementation contact but points to a different Salesforce contact and isn't a required contact field) so that I can survey both of these contacts when they are both filled in for that case.

But I've hit a snag when it comes to my response mapping. I need a way to create a condition to tell it when to map in the name of the primary contact vs. the name of the secondary contact based on who actually responded to the survey.

Can anyone think of a clever way to tell Qualtrics via the Condition on the Response Mapping which name to map in? Something like setting a new embedded data field in my survey flow to capture something about the recipient (WITHOUT asking them a question) such that I can ultimately set a condition like "respondent equals primary contact" or "respondent equals secondary contact".

Best Answer

  • AnneG
    AnneG Austin, TexasCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Sage ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    In case anyone was watching this and wishing they had an answer for their own uses, an update that I did get some resolution from Qualtrics support, which I implemented. Not at all optimal from my perspective, because I ended up having to double the # of emails I'm putting out for the surveys in question (and thus the # I'll have to edit and maintain) but I was in a crunch and it solved the problem.

    The solution was to create a different version of the invite and reminders going to each of the contacts through the distinct triggers, and within the emails append &Main=True or &Secondary=True to the survey url . . . ${I://SurveyURL}&Main=True. Then add Main and Secondary to the survey flow, to be automatically populated based on the survey URL they respond against.

    This was their summary of the steps:
    1) Set up two "Trigger and Email Survey" blocks, one pulling the info for the Main contact and another pulling the info for the Secondary contact.
    2) Create/Edit the messages that are referenced so that a query string is appended to the survey link URL so that it assigns the value when the email is sent. Ensuring that there are two different messages, one for the main contact and one for the secondary.
    3) Add the fields that were included in the query string as embedded data in the survey flow, ensuring that the values will be set from the URL.
    4) Now, the conditions for the response mapping can be based on those embedded data fields that were assigned via the query string.