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Missing lookupId or brandId for getContactByLookupId

MsIreen FinlandCommunity Member, XMPN Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Superuser ✭✭✭✭

Hi, we suddenly started to get the following error in our Salesforce triggered surveys: "Missing lookupId or brandId for getContactByLookupId". We have had the integration for months and never had it before.

Anyone has had any experience with this?


Best Answer

  • Kate
    Kate Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    A few months ago they were having intermittent issues where I had that every once in a while. The solution was to re-connect to the SF environment. I had to do that any time I got a debug- about once a day. It happened for about 2 weeks and then it resolved itself. When I called their integrations team, they did put me on a list so I got email notification when the issue was resolved.

    They did mention that if you are using the "tools" method of integration, that is using older API calls. They recommend using the "actions" method of setting up the integration going forward. If you are on the "tools" method, they would likely recommend you set up the "actions" method first to see if that resolves your issue. Newer versions of SF just play better with that version.


  • MsIreen
    MsIreen FinlandCommunity Member, XMPN Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Superuser ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you @Kate Yes, we are still on "Tools", the survey is running all the time with hundreds invites sent every day, so we were trying to avoid making any changes to the current set up, as it was working fine. However, the connection starts to break once in a while, and yesterday it was broken for more than an hour, so we will definitely switch to the Actions after New Year, as it seems this is the only way to ensure the stable integration.