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Hi community, I am designing a survey in which I would like the participants to fill in a table (similar to a household roster). Can you please guide me on how can I do it? I dont want to create 10 questions again and again for every name, instead I want to ask them names, and want to qualtrics to ask the 10 questions automatically? Can this be done somehow? Please do help

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    Hello @kareco ,

    We can create a open ended question (with number and range validation) - To enter the number of people in house.

    Create a Side-by-Side question type with desired columns type. Based on the number entered in the first question we can apply option display logic to display required number of rows to user.

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    What kind of questions do you want to ask again and again? Have you explored the Loop and Merge function?:

    I would ask a question first- "How many people in the household?"
    Then set a question to have them name everyone based off that 1st question utilizing the choice display option:

    Following that you can use Loop and Merge to ask a concrete set of questions (demographics, etc.) about each person listed.


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    Hi Shashi. thankyou! Okay I got your suggestion. Can you please guide on how can I create a that display option though?.