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I launched a survey that was to be open for about 3 weeks. The default survey setting has it recording responses after just 1 week- a very annoying feature which I overlooked! I have several respondents who have half-completed surveys which are now "recorded" and closed, although they are not complete. Is there a way to sort of "reset" their links so that when they receive a reminder next week they aren't shut out of their incomplete survey?

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  • rsuter
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    Sending out the retake survey would be nice, but it is a lot more work to go pull out the individual link for each respondent. If you have a list of the incomplete surveys, you may be better off to just send them a new email distribution.
    **Note that the new distribution cannot have the same subject and body of the original distribution (Qualtrics will not resend due to their anti-spam policy).


  • YASH1T
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    @Kate , there is on reset option. however you can use retake response option which allow them to complete the response without affecting original answers. read this page for more information about retake response.
    But this link would completely different and you need to spend some time creating this link and setting up contactlist to send emails with this link.

  • Kate
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    Thanks, @YASH1T. I am aware of the retake option. However, I am seeking options that will allow me to send the distribution reminder without having to hand-send these newly generated unique links.